iGaming Profile: AstroPay Casino and General Insights + 5 Powerful Facts to Know

AstroPay is one of the top payment processors in the iGaming industry. They are popular for making transactions easier for online casino players and operators. This guide provides insights into AstroPay’s reach, products, and reputation in iGaming.

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Stats and Facts about AstroPay

AstroPay has gained recognition and trust in the iGaming world over the years. In fact, AstroPay casinos are one of the most popular online gambling websites out there. Here are several notable statistics and facts about them:

  1. Global Presence. AstroPay operates in 150+ countries and regions. It has over 9+ million users worldwide, making it a global leader.
  2. Currency Support. AstroPay caters to 50+ currencies, ensuring compatibility with diverse iGaming markets.
  3. Player Adoption. Many players prefer AstroPay for its convenience and security in gambling bankroll management.
  4. Operator Integration. Many AstroPay casinos integrate AstroPay to accept deposits and provide swift payouts.
  5. Professional Use. iGaming professionals rely on AstroPay for receiving payments and optimizing their financial processes.

AstroPay Awards in the iGaming Sphere

AstroPay has garnered several prestigious iGaming nominations and awards. All highlight their excellence in the industry and confirms why AstroPay casinos are among the most popular for gamers from all over the world. Take a look at the list of their prestigious iGaming awards and recognitions:

  • 2023 Global Gaming Awards. AstroPay won the bronze award in the best payment solution category.
  • 2022 EGR B2B Awards. AstroPay made it to the shortlist in the payments company category. 
  • 2021 SBC Awards. AstroPay got shortlisted for the payments innovation category. The nomination shows their dedication to making iGaming payments safe and leads to building even more AstroPay casinos out there.
  • 2021 EGR B2B Awards. AstroPay made it to the shortlist in the payments company category. They were alongside leading providers such as Trustly, PaySafeCard, and Skrill.
  • 2020 SBC Awards. AstroPay won the award for the payments innovation category. It was for the solution allowing users to make instant iGaming transactions.
  • 2019 EGR Operator Awards. AstroPay’s OneTouch solution got shortlisted for the payments and compliance innovation category. That solution enables users to make one-click payments on iGaming platforms.

AstroPay Market Reach

AstroPay has an extensive market reach. They have offices in several locations and widespread coverage of various markets. The availability of its services may vary by product, but in general, AstroPay:

  • Operates global offices in key regions worldwide, ensuring a strong market presence.
  • Caters to various AstroPay gambling markets, offering versatile solutions.
  • Supports various currencies to adapt to local payment preferences and regulations.

AstroPay has served the iGaming industry for over a decade. They operate in over 150 countries and support over 200 AstroPay payment methods. They offer fast, secure, and convenient transactions for online casino players and operators. Many bettors preffer an AstroPay casino over the others just for these few reasons.

The company covers markets in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. AstroPay has offices in many major cities. These include London, Malta, Beijing, Bangkok, Montevideo, Sao Paulo, Lima, and Delhi.

It provides local payment solutions, including bank transfers and cash payments. It also offers e-wallets and prepaid cards. AstroPay supports over 50 currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, BRL, ARS, CLP, MXN, PEN, INR, CNY, THB, and more.

AstroPay Partnerships

AstroPay Ltd is a leader in online payments. They keep expanding their portfolio of excellent partnerships that makes bettors happier and contiously inspires them to choose AstroPay casinos over the rest. They have done so with many prominent football clubs, which we will point out below. These collaborations are not only about simplifying digital payments. They are about enhancing the experience and connecting fans to their favorite teams.

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

AstroPay’s partnership with Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club keeps evolving. Since their first deal in 2021, they have worked together on enhancing the fan experience. That includes offering various rewards and prizes.

The June 2023 extension means AstroPay’s branding will feature on all Wolves’ shirts. The partnership includes using AstroPay’s name on the new kit design for the 2023/2024 season. It will also feature its branding at the stadium. That will cement AstroPay’s strong presence in the Wolves community.

Club Universidad de Chile

In June 2023, AstroPay became the official sponsor of Club Universidad de Chile (La U). This deal with South America’s iconic football club introduces a new AstroPay card. The Passion Card is a free debit card for La U’s passionate fans. It’s available online and offline, allowing fans to collect points with each transaction.

These points unlock exclusive benefits and experiences related to the club. They range from buying match tickets and team merchandise to meeting first-team players. The Passion Card’s design reflects Universidad de Chile’s spirit and passion. It has an iconic ‘U’ design, symbolizing belonging for the club’s loyal supporters.

Tottenham Hotspur FC 

AstroPay is now the Official Payment Partner of Tottenham Hotspur. It offers a special Spurs-branded prepaid card with exclusive fan benefits. 

Users earn AstroPoints with every spending, unlocking premium perks. These rewards include match tickets, signed merchandise, and Training Centre tours. They also offer virtual chats with the manager and players.

The prepaid card also grants early access to the upcoming F1 DRIVE – London experience. That event takes place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 

This partnership bridges finance and sports. It redefines fan engagement and ensures world-class experiences for all.

Main AstroPay Products

AstroPay offers a range of innovative products to serve its customers. They each cater to specific needs:

Apple Pay

Your AstroPay card is accessible on your iPhone or Apple Watch. That makes purchases in stores and online straightforward. It makes it even easier when choosing to deposit funds to your AstroPay casino account. To use Apple Pay, add your AstroPay card to Apple Wallet on your devices. On your iPhone, open Apple Wallet, tap the “+” symbol, and follow the onscreen instructions. 

For your Apple Watch, use the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. All contactless terminals accept Apple Pay. Online, look for the Apple Pay sign or select it as your payment method. Payments are secure and verified through Face ID or Touch ID. Your AstroPay registration details are never stored on your device for added protection.

Online Payments

Imagine every payment you make doubling your rewards with 2x AstroPoints. Moreover, there are no pesky fees or commissions to worry about. Download the app, and you’ll find 500 extra AstroPoints in your wallet. 

With AstroPay online payments, you can access over 1,000 global websites. These include many AstroPay casino websites as well. That ensures secure and private transactions, giving you peace of mind. It’s a one-touch solution for shopping and paying online. With AstroPay, your wallet becomes your key to a world of ease and rewards.

Send and Receive

This feature allows easy money transfers between players and iGaming platforms, specifically AstroPay casinos. You can say goodbye to slow transactions and welcome the era of swift AstroPay transfers.

With its global reach, you can send and receive funds across borders within seconds. AstroPay is available in over 150 countries. It supports 50+ currencies and has an extensive community of 9+ million users. That makes it a reliable choice for all your financial needs.


AstroPay virtual card provides a secure payment method for players and operators. Besides that, you can bet and shop worldwide and earn AstroPoints for every spending. 

Choose your card and enjoy a world of benefits. These include VIP airport lounge access, currency selection, and travel perks. It also includes perks that can fund your AstroPay casino account. Get real-time notifications, and use Apple Pay for convenience. 

Plus, there are no fees to worry about. On top of it, AstroPay cards make your lifestyle more rewarding. They give you 2x AstroPoints on purchases, 3x on travel, and 4x on your passions.

Rewards Program

AstroPay’s Rewards Program offers benefits for loyal users in the iGaming sector. Earn 1x AstroPoints as a Standard member on various activities. 

Silver members (3000 – 20,000 AstroPoints) get 2x on standard activities. Platinum members (20,000 – 300,000 AstroPoints) enjoy exclusive support.

Elite Black members (above 300,000 AstroPoints) earn 3x. They also get an account manager and access to VIP Black events.

You can choose what you are passionate about from many exclusive rewards. These include AstroPay casinos, e-sports and top-tier merchandising, gaming consoles, virtual reality headsets, and more.

Coming Soon – Investments and Savings

AstroPay is preparing to roll out investment and savings options. They will expand its financial services for the iGaming community. Your AstroPay bank transfer will never be the same with the new possibilities. 

Get set for new financial opportunities promising a secure and prosperous iGaming future. Stay tuned for an exciting way to grow your funds with AstroPay. We will keep you updated with fresh news as they come by.

AstroPay Mobile Apps

AstroPay’s native mobile apps are available on the Apple Store and Google Store. The AstroPay app download goes fast as a breeze. These apps offer a pleasant experience with convenient ratings and device requirements.

The AstroPay mobile apps allow users to access its services and features on the go. You can top up your wallet, buy online on international sites, and withdraw money from sites. You can also seamlessly deposit money to your favorite AstroPay casino.

The apps also enable you to get a Visa or Mastercard debit card for free and transfer money without cost. Also, users can earn AstroPoints they can redeem for amazing prizes and experiences.

At the moment of writing, the AstroPay app has a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store, based on 72.6K reviews. On the Apple App Store, it has a 3.6-star rating based on 130 ratings. The app requires Android 6.0 or higher, iOS 11.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch.

Importance of AstroPay in iGaming

AstroPay is important in the iGaming industry, benefiting players, operators, and professionals. 

AstroPay offers players an easy and flexible platform to handle their gaming finances. It offers them various payment methods and spending limits. By choosing an AstroPay Casino, they have better control over their gambling budget.

Operators find value in AstroPay’s secure and efficient payment solutions. That expands their market reach and enhances customer experiences.

iGaming pros find the payment system simple. It ensures that transfers arrive on time and are cost-effective.

Here’s a brief overview of why iGaming values AstroPay from different viewpoints.

astropay casino

AstroPay Products for Bettors

Bettors often choose AstroPay casinos to manage their gambling finances safely and conveniently. In fact, that’s what makes it a popular choice among iGaming enthusiasts. AstroPay offers player-centric products. That includes cards and online payments, allowing players to enjoy activities without hassles.

AstroPay empowers players by offering flexible and convenient ways to handle gaming finances. They can make an AstroPay deposit using their local payment methods. 

Their global digital wallet supports over 200 payment options, giving players exceptional flexibility. That includes virtual and physical cards and mobile money transfers. Plus, AstroPay’s feature that allows users to set spending limits promotes responsible gambling.

AstroPay Products for Operators

AstroPay casinos offer a reliable payment solution. It enhances customer satisfaction by enabling seamless deposit acceptance and quick payouts.

AstroPay voucher casino operators benefit from quick and secure payment solutions. That allows them to receive deposits and pay out winnings without delays. It also expands their market and lowers the risks of fraud and chargebacks.

AstroPay’s Know Your Customer (KYC) tools help operators ensure compliance and manage risks. The seamless payment experience translates into higher conversion and customer retention rates.

AstroPay Products for iGaming Professionals

Professionals in the iGaming industry depend on AstroPay to receive payments. It’s a crucial tool for financial transactions. Is AstroPay safe to use? Yes, no doubt!

AstroPay simplifies payment procedures for iGaming professionals, such as affiliates, developers, and marketers. They can receive payments for their services or products free of worries. That’s because AstroPay facilitates cost-free international money transfers.

Why Choose an AstroPay Casino?

AstroPay casinos provide players with a convenient payment method with reasonable limits, swift processing times, and competitive fees. These casinos focus on player satisfaction and safety.

A typical AstroPay casino is one where you can deposit and withdraw funds using AstroPay. AstroPay casinos offer many advantages for players, such as:

  • No registration. AstroPay requires no personal or financial information. It offers easy, instant online and offline card transactions in the local currency.
  • No fees. Online casino players can use AstroPay without extra costs for depositing money. They can also use it for withdrawing money from gambling platforms.
  • No limits. AstroPay imposes no restrictions on deposit and withdrawal amounts. It allows you to choose card values from $25 to $500 and use them as many times as you want.
  • No delays. Fast, secure transactions enable players to manage their casino accounts within seconds, hassle-free.

AstroPay casinos are popular with players valuing privacy, convenience, and security. They are accessible across all regions of the world. These include Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe, supporting over 50 currencies.

AstroPay Versus Competitors

AstroPay faces stiff competition in the iGaming payment solutions arena. In this comparison, we’ll assess how it stacks up against some prominent rivals.

AstroPay Versus PayPal

AstroPay offers an alternative to PayPal. It provides iGaming enthusiasts with a versatile and secure payment method. The ongoing AstroPay PayPal debate revolves around their distinct features and similarities. In general, both are safe and easy to use, but have some differences.

  • Security. They both take security seriously. AstroPay uses encryption to protect your data and doesn’t share your financial information. PayPal also uses encryption and can refund you if something goes wrong with your buy.
  • Fees. AstroPay won’t charge you for transactions. But there might be AstroPay fees when you add money to your card. PayPal doesn’t charge for personal transactions. But there are fees for business and international transfers.
  • Ease of Use. AstroPay is like a prepaid card. You need to load money onto it before using it. PayPal is an e-wallet you can link to your bank account or credit card.
  • Customer Service. AstroPay has 24/7 email support, while PayPal offers phone, email, and live chat. Some people have reported long wait times with PayPal’s customer service.

AstroPay Versus Skrill and Neteller

The AstroPay wallet competes with Skrill and Neteller, offering similar functionalities and reliability. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences and requirements.

  • Availability. AstroPay covers 150+ countries and supports 50+ currencies. Skrill and Neteller go even wider. Both reach about 200 countries and support 30+ currencies.
  • Fees. AstroPay won’t charge you for deposits and withdrawals. But there might be fees for currency conversion. Skrill and Neteller casino destinations charge for withdrawals and currency conversions. However, they don’t charge for deposits.
  • Features. AstroPay provides instant transfers, virtual prepaid cards, and mobile top-ups. Skrill and Neteller offer similar features, plus prepaid MasterCards and crypto trading. They also have more extensive VIP programs for extra perks.
  • Security. All three focus on safety with encryption. AstroPay’s prepaid card doesn’t require sharing your bank info with merchants. Neteller and Skrill gambling operations provide extra protection, including two-factor authentication. They also offer purchase protection.

AstroPay Versus Paysafecard

In the world of digital payments, AstroPay and Paysafecard stand out as two strong competitors. Each offers unique advantages, depending upon one’s needs and location.

  • Location. AstroPay, a platform that’s available almost throughout the entire world, is particularly popular in countries throughout Asia, Africa, and South America. On the other hand, Paysafecard has a strong presence in Europe and North America, making it a more suitable choice for individuals in these regions.
  • Fees. Transaction fees can be a critical factor for many users, and this is where AstroPay has an advantage. It offers free transactions, which can result in significant savings over time. In contrast, Paysafecard imposes transaction fees that may add up, depending on the frequency and size of your transactions. These fees can be even more noticeable when using Paysafecard casino services.
  • Features. When it comes to features, AstroPay stands out with its flexible payment options, enabling users to choose the method that best fits their needs. Paysafecard, however, offers an easy-to-use app, allowing for seamless transactions on the go.
  • Security. Security is cruical in the world of digital payments. Both platforms prioritize secure transactions, but AstroPay goes a step further with its advanced fraud prevention measures. This gives users an added layer of protection and peace of mind, knowing their financial information is in safe hands.

What to Expect in the Future from AstroPay

AstroPay keeps evolving and improving its services. They have some great plans for the future, although they are not revealing everything. They have plans to expand and offer even more unique AstroPay payment methods. They aim to make them available to everyone in the iGaming and eSports industry. This will lead to AstroPay casinos getting an even bigger boost in their popularity. They will introduce these methods in many new countries.

Another trend going on will be boosting their strategic partnerships. They aim to increase their brand recognition even more. They plan to keep partnering with football clubs and iGaming entities.

AstroPay also has big plans for creating Premium Card Programs. They’ll focus on developing and improving premium cards like Infinite and Platinum. These offers should include perks like discounts, cashback, and travel insurance. They may also include concierge services for loyal customers.

Finally, one of their biggest plans is to offer Investment and Savings services. These will open doors to new possibilities. These AstroPay account services should help their customers in various ways. It will give them various financial tools to use for them to grow their wealth and make their lives easier.

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