15+ Most Prestigious iGaming Awards to Follow

Like other industries, iGaming awards are essential for the gambling world. They honor and recognize the most significant brands in the industry. These ceremonies have many uses that are helpful to a plethora of people in the iGaming business, regardless of whether you are an iGaming expert, an online casino operator, an affiliate network, or even a player. 

How Can You Benefit from Following iGaming Award Ceremonies?

Keeping an eye on the year’s top names is essential for those in the iGaming industry. These iGaming events and ceremonies can serve as a compass. They will guide you toward the best-performing brands in the industry. And that is exactly what we are going to talk about today.  

If you are an iGaming professional, keeping an eye on the best brands for the year is crucial for your growth. Some of these iGaming awards can help you track the best brands. They can also help you stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the industry. There is no better way to make uniform decisions and stay ahead of the competition. 

If you are an online casino operator, finding a way to stand apart from the rest is the best way to grow your business, and the best way to achieve this goal is to follow the latest iGaming award ceremonies. As an aspiring operator, you can study the winners and discover their secrets. You can learn from their strategies and determine which ones work best for your business. 

Affiliate businesses can also benefit from following the most prominent award ceremonies. The growth of the affiliate network depends on reach and partnerships. Attending these ceremonies is especially promising for expanding the reach or forming new alliances. The iGaming awards bring together many major brands and names in the industry. They offer unique networking opportunities and many potential collaborations. These events are a unique opportunity that can provide many chances to grow your partnership base. 

These events can also be a memorable experience for players. They enable you to play at the crème de la crème casinos and try some of the best games and products. You can also meet many like-minded folks and build a risk-free gaming environment by discovering the most trustworthy companies.

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The Leading iGaming Industry Awards and Why They Matter

Many types of iGaming awards feature a variety of categories. Some of the most commonly seen are the best online casino, best mobile casino games and best slot providers. These categories help us better understand what’s trending among the players. They also help us identify who offers the best experience. These awards come with industry-wide acclaim and recognition. That is why they inspire many brands to make better decisions for their players. 

The iGaming award ceremonies benefit professionals, operators, affiliates, and players. Today, we will discuss some of the most prestigious and significant ceremonies. We will also explore their impact on the industry and delve deeper into their background. Lastly, we will provide a short but comprehensive overview of what you can expect from each of the best iGaming awards.

International Gaming Awards (IGA)

The International Gaming Awards (IGA) is one of the most popular annual ceremonies in the iGaming industry. Established in 2008, the IGA has celebrated excellence and innovation yearly. This ceremony is one of the best ways to discover some of the most well-known brands in the industry. These iGaming industry awards serve as a platform to acknowledge and praise the dedication and hard work of the top industry leaders. 

The IGA have unapparelled importance in bringing professionals together. It is one of the most significant events for inspiring collaboration globally. Moreover, it is one of the most important events that inspire fairness, transparency, and responsible gaming. 

What sets the IGA apart from the rest is recognizing excellence on a global scale. It celebrates achievements and innovation from different regions worldwide, inspiring diversity. With over a decade of existence, it gives all winners credibility and prestige. That is crucial for boosting their reputation. It also helps with opening the door to future investors and customers.

AffPapa iGaming Awards (AffPapa)

The AffPapa are pretty new in the iGaming ceremony scene. That said, they are gaining recognition fast. What sets apart the AffPapa awards is their unique approach to honoring outstanding achievements in the industry. To be more precise, their primary focus is on the affiliate side of the iGaming world. Their goal is to recognize affiliate marketing professionals’ valuable contributions. They also want to “paint them” as the industry’s backbone. 

The AffPapa Awards celebrates affiliate marketing professionals. Why is this so important? Affiliate professionals contribute to the success and growth of the iGaming industry. These iGaming awards praise the individuals and companies that drive traffic and generate revenues.

They can serve as a powerful platform for affiliates. There isn’t a better place for affiliates to showcase their success stories. These events connect them with potential partners and open the door to many future opportunities.

Global Gaming Awards (GGA)

The Global Gaming Awards are one of the most significant international award ceremonies. Organized by the Gambling Insider Magazine, it brings together industry professionals and experts. 

This iGaming award ceremony is best known for recognizing exceptional achievements in the gambling industry. It also inspires all industry professionals to push the boundaries and strive for growth. It covers various reward categories for land-based casinos, online gaming, sports betting, and more. Moreover, the panel comprises industry leaders who judge based on strict criteria. They thoroughly evaluate each nominee, ensuring fairness and credibility. 
The goal is to highlight all individuals, businesses, and products impacting the global gaming industry. That is why the GGA is another massive iGaming awards event that inspires opportunities for networking and collaboration. It’s one of the best events that encourage innovation and growth within the industry.

iGaming IDOL

It is challenging to be noticed when working “behind the scenes” in a major business industry. That is especially true for the iGaming industry. Recognizing the skills and contributions of individuals is rarely achievable in similar events. And that is exactly what the iGaming IDOL excels at. Instead of praising the brand they work for, this iGaming industry award event highlights specific exceptional individuals. That practice inspires others to join the industry. It also leads to growth and innovation in the iGaming sector. And that’s exactly where iGaming IDOL excels.

iGaming IDOL is an exceptional event that recognizes unique talent. This award ceremony stands out from the rest because it focuses on individuals. In other words, it praises individuals who excel in their respective fields. Some of the areas covered by these iGaming awards are customer support, marketing, and compliance.

There isn’t a doubt that winning an online casino industry award provides recognition. That said, it also serves as a valuable career milestone. Winning iGaming IDOL opens doors to new opportunities and increases professional credibility.

EGR Awards

EGR is a leading B2B publisher and membership networking group for the online gaming and gambling industry. It provides valuable insights, news, and reports across various aspects of the industry. Some of these aspects include technological advancements, market trends, regulatory updates, and more. It’s safe to say that they know everything happening in the industry in real time.

That is why EGR plays a crucial role in the world of iGaming awards. It does so by organizing many ceremonies throughout the year. These awards include:

  • The EGR Operator Awards
  • The EGR B2B Awards
  • The EGR Marketing & Innovation Awards. 

They also have separate awards for brands in different parts of the world. These iGaming awards have proven to be an excellent way to inspire the industry’s growth globally. 

All EGR Awards matter because they serve as a way to measure success and innovation in iGaming. Winning an EGR award is a testament to an operator or supplier’s commitment to excellence, setting them apart from competitors.

SIGMA Awards

The SIGMA Awards are organized by the Summit of iGaming Malta (SIGMA). It was first launched in 2016 by the SiGMA Group, a leading events company in the iGaming sector. Their goal is to celebrate significant achievements. And highlight positive contributions in many sectors of the iGaming industry. Some of these sectors include affiliate marketing, mobile gaming, and technology. The best part? It showcases the achievements of both established companies and start-ups. 

Winning a SIGMA iGaming award is a mark of distinction. It can significantly boost the company’s reputation. Furthermore, the ceremony offers plenty networking opportunities. It also updates professionals on the latest trends and developments in the industry.

On the other hand, SIGMA is well known for highlighting the industry’s most intriguing and creative projects. These unique projects can change the entire face of the Gaming sector.
Lastly, the SIGMA iGaming award ceremony plays a vital role in promoting the gaming industry as a whole. The event generates significant media coverage. This attracts attention from both gaming enthusiasts and mainstream audiences. This increased visibility helps to break down stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding gaming.

SBC Awards

First organized by the Sports Betting Community (SBC) in 2014, the SBC Awards is a well-known annual event. Its goal is to celebrate the best sports betting and gaming industry practices. As time passes, it continues to recognize the achievements of operators and affiliates. It also praises suppliers from many sectors, such as payments, platform providers, marketing, and data. 

This event showcases the sports betting and gaming sector’s innovation, growth, and success. It also serves as a powerful platform for networking and sharing knowledge. It is a must-visit event for all industry professionals who wish to learn more about the sector.
Its focus on innovation and leadership sets the SBC iGaming Awards Ceremony apart from other iGaming awards events. The ceremony acknowledges both established industry leaders and up-and-coming companies and individuals. They highlight everyone pushing the boundaries of the sports betting and gaming industry. This emphasis on innovation ensures that the event remains relevant in an ever-evolving industry. It also keeps the gaming community engaged and excited about its future.

The European Casino Awards

The European Casino Awards are celebrating outstanding achievements in the gaming industry. Some awarded categories are casino design, innovation, and responsible gambling initiatives. Interestingly, it became so much more. This incredible iGaming award ceremony evolved into a platform that brings together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts.

What sets the ECA iGaming awards apart is the rigorous selection process. Only the most outstanding European casinos are nominated. Once they are on the list, they are evaluated based on strict criteria. These criteria include gaming variety, customer satisfaction, responsible gambling initiatives, and performance. The winners are chosen by a panel of experts, ensuring that the awards are both credible and impartial.
Participating in the European Casino Awards is an honor. It also validates the hard work and dedication put into creating a world-class gaming establishment. It’s safe to say that winning an iGaming award can significantly impact a casino’s reputation. It leads to increased visibility and credibility and ultimately attracts more customers.

IGB Affiliate Awards

The IGB Affiliate Awards celebrate the achievements of affiliate marketing professionals. It’s considered the Oscars of the iGaming affiliate sector. That is why it’s one of the best events for bringing together the very best affiliates, affiliate programs, and suppliers.

The IGB Affiliate Awards are among the most critical events in the iGaming world. It highlights the importance of affiliates for the growth and success of the entire industry. Winning an IGB Affiliate Award brings prestige, credibility, and iGaming industry recognition. It’s a lifetime achievement award, a form of Affiliate Idol, that can completely change the lives of a company or an individual. 

The comprehensive and meticulous selection process makes the IGB Affiliate Awards unique. All nominees are reviewed and shortlisted by a panel of industry experts, following rigorous criteria. That means only the most deserving contenders make it to the final stage. Moreover, the transparent process guarantees that the awards truly reflect the best in the industry.

Global Regulatory Awards

The Global Regulatory Awards are an esteemed recognition of excellence in the field of iGaming regulation. This unique iGaming award ceremony aims to celebrate the global success of regulatory professionals. From promoting best practices to driving innovation, they play a pivotal role in shaping the industry. They assess various aspects, including regulatory strategies’ effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability, which ensures that only the most impactful and transformative initiatives are recognized. 

To understand the importance of these awards, here are some of the most exciting iGaming awards:

  • Outstanding contribution to safer gambling
  • Outstanding individual contribution to responsible gambling 
  • Outstanding contribution to safer game design
  • Outstanding contribution to sports betting integrity
  • Responsible approach to advertising or marketing
  • Responsible gambling service or solution provider
  • Regulatory initiative of the year

Undoubtedly, these iGaming awards inspire growth and others to raise their standards. However, the relevance of the Global Regulatory Awards extends beyond iGaming industry recognition. They provide a  platform for regulatory professionals to network and share knowledge. It gives them a rare opportunity to collaborate on addressing everyday challenges. At the same time, it fosters a culture of continuous improvement. It also supports the development of innovative regulatory solutions.

The Central & Eastern European Game Awards (CEEGA)

The Central and Eastern European Gaming Awards, a.k.a. The CEEGA Awards are known for their commitment to inclusivity. They recognize both the big players in the industry as well as the contributions of emerging talent and smaller companies. They provide a platform for the underrepresented to shine and gain the iGaming industry recognition they deserve. This emphasis on inclusion nurtures diversity and pushes boundaries in the gaming world. Especially for the Central and Eastern European area, which has an often overlooked gaming community.

The CEEGA Awards also provide a powerful platform for many professionals in the industry. These individuals and businesses can showcase their new, unique, innovative projects. That helps them gain global recognition, attracting investment and fostering growth.

However, the most compelling feature of the CEEGA iGaming Awards lies in their ability to bring together the best of the best. It combines professionals, enthusiasts, and stakeholders from across the region. The annual ceremony serves as a networking hub where industry leaders can connect. Share knowledge. And forge new partnerships.

The Asia Gaming Awards

The Asia Gaming Awards are an integral part of the gaming community in this area. They are spotlighting the innovators that have significantly affected the industry. They celebrate operators, suppliers, regulators, and service providers for their outstanding contributions.

This iGaming award ceremony also provides a platform for established and emerging gaming companies. It gives them a chance to showcase their talent and dedication. By honoring the contributions of industry leaders, the Asia Gaming Awards inspire others to strive for greatness. It also fosters healthy competition and encourages continuous improvement in the gaming landscape.
However, the most noteworthy feature of these awards is promoting responsible gaming practices. We live in an era where ethical considerations and player protection are crucial. That’s why these iGaming awards highlight companies that focus on the well-being of their customers. This dedication to responsible gaming makes the Asia Gaming Awards a hidden gem. It also establishes them as a leading authority in fostering a sustainable and ethical gaming environment.

The Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Awards (BSG)

The Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Awards (BSG) Awards are crucial in the iGaming sector. They hold a prestigious position in the world of reputable iGaming industry recognition. They consistently celebrate outstanding achievements across various fields in the gaming industry. Furthermore, they stand apart due to their ability to embrace innovation and influence positive change.

The BSG Awards matter because they go beyond simply honoring accomplishments. They contribute to the growth and progress of the entire gaming industry. Winners gain access to a vast network of influential professionals and potential investors. That opens many doors to new opportunities and collaborations. On the other hand, these iGaming industry awards boost visibility and credibility and serve as a platform for sharing knowledge.

With its commitment to excellence, the BSG Awards have become a symbol of quality and inspiration. The rigorous selection process guarantees that winners genuinely are the best of the best. Furthermore, the awards showcase the latest advancements and emerging trends in different sectors. That makes them highly relevant and influential in today’s ever-changing world.

The American Gambling Awards (AGA)

The American Gambling Awards (AGA) recognizes innovation in the gambling industry. They honor outstanding achievements, exceptional services, and groundbreaking advancements in the field. In fact, the AGA serves as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of gambling and its impact on society. This iGaming award ceremony highlights the industry’s progression, showcasing how it has adapted to meet the changing needs of players globally. 

What sets the AGA apart from other similar iGaming awards is its comprehensive approach. They recognize and celebrate achievements across various aspects of the industry. These aspects include technology, responsible gambling practices, customer experience, and community engagement. 
But, the most unique feature of the AGA lies in its dedication to promoting responsible gambling. As the industry advances, the importance of responsible gambling practices cannot be overstated. The AGA iGaming awards praise initiatives that focus on the well-being of players. That is how they inspire everyone in the industry to invest more in a safe and enjoyable gambling experience.

Smaller Affiliates-Based Awards that are Quickly Gaining Attention

The well-established “red carpet” iGaming awards are not the only important ceremonies. That said, a few smaller, affiliates-based awards are also worth mentioning and following. These awards come with complete independence. The way they achieve this is by doing their own research. They also promote objectivity that’s not always seen in bigger events.

Casino Guru Awards

The Casino Guru Awards are given to the top performers in the online casino industry. In fact, they are an online casino industry award iGaming companies desire. Throughout the years, they have become synonymous with excellence and integrity. They recognize and celebrate the most outstanding online casinos. They praise the leading game providers and associated services. By doing so, they play a vital role in promoting transparency and trustworthiness. This practice benefits both players and operators alike.

A critical factor that makes these iGaming awards relevant is their comprehensive evaluation process. The awards go beyond superficial criteria. They delve deep into the aspects that truly matter. User experience, game variety, customer support, and fair play are rigorously assessed. That ensures only the best brands are to be honored.
The Casino Guru Awards are known for their independence and objectivity. The online gambling industry awards are not influenced by any commercial interests, making them unique. That is why they are also trusted and respected in the iGaming industry.

Casino.org Awards

The Casino.org Awards praises excellence in the online casino industry. While relatively new in the sparkly world of awards, they quickly became a prestigious event. Today, they are trusted to recognize the genuine top performers in the industry. 

These online casino industry awards matter because they provide a platform to celebrate the best of the best, setting a benchmark for excellence. They bring attention to brands and individuals who are revolutionizing the gambling experience. What makes these iGaming awards relevant is their commitment to transparency and fairness.

Furthermore, the Casino.org Awards stand apart from the rest by considering the voice of the players. They actively incorporate user feedback and reviews in their evaluation process. This practice makes them a genuinely democratic and user-centric awards ceremony. That factor distinguishes them as one of the most trustworthy authorities in the industry.

CasinoMeister Awards

The CasinoMeister Awards are highly prestigious in the gaming industry. They recognize and celebrate excellence in the casino industry, providing a platform to honor the best in the business. What sets the CasinoMeister Awards apart is their commitment to transparency and integrity. Commercial interests or sponsored endorsements do not influence them. Instead, they are only based on merit, ensuring the winners truly deserve the prestigious iGaming industry recognition. 

The CasinoMeister iGaming Awards highlights some of the most prominent players in the industry. They also shout out up-and-coming casinos that offer innovative experiences and exceptional services. They consider various aspects of their evaluation process. Some of the criteria include game variety, customer support, payment options, and security.

A unique feature of the CasinoMeister Awards is the community’s involvement in the selection process. They encourage players to submit their nominations and share their personal experiences. This specific rule adds an extra layer of credibility. It also makes the CasinoMeister Awards the true representatives of the players’ preferences.


As you can see, the iGaming award ceremonies are crucial in the industry. They provide a multitude of benefits to various stakeholders. Following and attending these events can profoundly affect all iGaming individuals and professionals.

For iGaming professionals, keeping track of the best brands helps them stay ahead of the competition. Online casino operators can stand apart from the rest by studying the winners’ strategies. Affiliate businesses can expand their reach and form partnerships by attending these ceremonies. Last but not least, players can enjoy some of the best games and discover trustworthy companies. 

In short, the iGaming award ceremonies are crucial for individuals and businesses across the industry. 

These ceremonies will offer valuable insights regardless of your place in the iGaming world. They will provide many networking opportunities and growth potential. And give you a chance to be recognized and inspired by the best in the industry. So, what iGaming awards are you putting into your calendar this year?

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