Best Content Writing and Editing Tools for 2023

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Every writer has a unique way of working, so not every tool will fit their style, but here we picked some of the best content writing and editing tools could benefit all writers out there. Without further ado, these are our favorite writing and editing tools. We recommend them to all writers and editors, both beginners and experts in their field.

Ensuring Perfect Content

The first step is to ensure your content checks all the grammar and uniqueness boxes. The following tools for content writers will help you avoid grammar and spelling mistakes. They will help with title capitalization errors. They will also suggest clear and concise sentences that have better readability. Moreover, they will protect you from accidental plagiarism and keep your content safe from prying eyes.

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Grammarly premium copyscape jasper hemingway editor plagiarism checker

Grammarly Premium

Grammarly is one of the most used copywriting tools in the world. Its most popular features include grammar, spelling, punctuation, consciousness, and tone detection. While the free version can be an excellent way to discover what Grammarly can do for you, you can unlock the full potential with the Premium version.
Grammarly Premium is feature-packed. With it, you will have full control over your writing. You can ensure that the correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery of all your writing are on-point. The software even includes a comprehensive built-in plagiarism checker. It can be used as a powerful article rewriting tool. Moreover, Grammarly is continuously updated so your writing can evolve and grow alongside it.

Copyscape Premium

Copyscape is another powerful tool that helps writers and editors ensure that their content is 100% unique. With so many web writings out there, it can be difficult to stay original. And even 1% plagiarism may have devastating effects on your content. That said, when it comes to tools for copywriting, Copyscape Premium is the leading plagiarism search tool. With it, you can avoid plagiarism with the content of all lengths.
Copyscape Premium is pretty straightforward. You can check your content by copying and pasting, uploading a file, or scanning your entire website. Besides detecting plagiarism, Copyscape can also help you discover duplication in your content. Lastly, Copyscape can also continuously protect your content by scanning the web daily for copies of your work.

Plagiarism Checker

If you are running on a budget, Plagiarism Checker can be an excellent free alternative to Copyscape Premium. In fact, it is among the most recommended free tools for article writing and plagiarism detection for up to 1000 words. All you have to do is paste your content on their website, and you will have your results within seconds.

Plagiarism Checker has a paid version too. While they offer a lot of features for affordable pricing, we recommend choosing Copyscape Premium instead. The free Plagiarism Checker tool excels compared to all its free alternatives. That said, it still needs some time to climb up the stairs of its paid alternatives when it comes to performance.

Hemingway Editor

As the name suggests, Hemingway’s app can make your writing bold and clear. Moreover, it can teach you many copywriting techniques by editing your work. The main purpose of the Hemingway Editor is the readability of your content. Once you are done with writing, paste your work into the Hemingway App, and it will highlight all complex and lengthy sentences for you. That can help you rewrite them to sound more clear.
Keep in mind that unlike some of the tools in our list, Hemingway doesn’t come with suggestions for your edits. What you get with this app is that the software will highlight all hard-to-read sentences, over-complicated phrases, and uses of passive voice. It is up to you to rewrite them to make them sound simplified but still on point. That is why we recommend it as one of the top content writing tools for SEO.

Capitalize My Title

Title capitalization can be confusing regardless of how long you have been in the writing industry. With many styles and formats available, even the most experienced writer can make a mistake. Knowing how easily we can mix things up, Capitalize My Title launched a free software available worldwide.
As one of the leading SEO tools for content writing, Capitalize My Title offers automatic capitalization. It also provides case conversion in many different styles, such as APA, Chicago, AP, MLA, BB, AMA, NY Times, and Wikipedia. It also offers automatic sentence cases, uppercase, lowercase, first letter, and more. In short, Capitalize My Title is a one-second tool to ensure that your titles are always well-written and clear.


Canva is an all-in-one platform for creating and sharing professional designs. From logo and banner makers to video intro and meme makers, Canva is here to simplify your work. Regardless of what you need to design and whether you work alone or in a team, Canva has
your back. It is among the best tools for content writers and designers. Anyone can work with it, so it doesn’t need any previous tech knowledge.

Canva’s most popular features include pre-made professional templates for images and videos. It can also be a powerful tool for creating presentations, graphs, and resumes. Other than those, you can also design your business cards, stories, logos, flyers, stickers, and more. Lastly, you can create your team and work together with real-time collaboration and content planning tools.


Jasper is one of the leading AI tools for content writing. This tool was taught to write original and creative content. Yes, you read that right. Jasper can create content for your website, blog, and social media all on its own. Jasper can write anything you need, with your guidance, of course. You can get content in over 25 languages as clearly and creatively as someone natively
speaking those languages. Jasper can help you with many things, but AI is most useful to help you write faster than ever.
Moreover, Jasper is one of the best AI content writing tools to help you end writer’s block with brilliant ideas that will spark your imagination. Thanks to their Surfer SEO partnership, it can also help you optimize and rank your content higher with valuable keywords.


There isn’t a better way to advertise your content than the title you choose. In fact, the most creative and unique titles have the power to launch your website to the top of Google’s search page. That is why every writer should use a Google SERP preview tool. As one of the best copywriting tools, it will help you increase your organic CTR by optimizing all page titles and the length of the meta description.
ToTheWeb recommends the most crucial and relevant keywords for your title. It also offers some synonyms for the longer words you have used. It will make your title concise and right to the point. That will help rank your content much higher on the Google search page. An alternative for ToTheWeb is Counting Characters, which offers the same features.

Word Counter

Word Counter is one of the best free tools for content writing. This tool can provide you with comprehensive stats about the character and word count. Another thing is that it offers stats about the number of sentences and paragraphs. You can even study all syllables, monosyllabic words, polysyllabic words, short or long words. Lastly, Word Counter helps tremendously with readability and keyword density. In short, it covers all aspects of your content to maximize your writing productivity. Word Counter has your back regardless of whether you write articles for websites, blogs, or forums. Moreover, it comes with an autosave feature that makes every writer’s work much easier. For those looking for a similar free software with a different feel, we recommend SEO Review Tools. It is one of the best alternative content writing tools for Word Counter.

Content Ideas, Keyword Ideas, and Competitor Analysis

As a content writer, you already know that writing is only a small part of your job. The bigger part consists of ideas, research, and competition analysis. With so many articles available on the internet, it can be difficult to make your work stand out from the rest. That’s where the following content writing tools for SEO can be of immense help.


Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool that can help your content rank higher on Google and get more traffic. Ahrefs is equipped with many useful features and copywriting tricks that will transform your writing. It offers site audit, site explorer, keywords explorer, content explorer and rank tracker. In other words, you can do everything from researching to publishing with it.
The easy-to-use tool comes in both free and paid versions. While the free plan is more than enough for beginners, SEO experts may benefit more from the paid features. Some of the most useful features in the paid plans include content gaps, broken links and backlinks, outgoing links, and batch analysis.


Similarly to Ahrefs, Ubersuggest is one of the leading tools for content analysis. It can help you get comprehensive insights into the best strategies for growing your business. The software also includes SEO page reports and keyword suggestions. Moreover, it gives content ideas to help you grow faster and surpass your competitors. Moreover, Ubersuggest offers in-depth backlink data to build your backlinks better.
As we already mentioned, Ubersuggest is a similar platform to Ahrefs. And while Ahrefs may offer more features, Ubersuggest is more affordable and easier to navigate. That makes it more attractive for beginners as it’s known for its copywriting help and writers with a strict budget. All in all, both platforms are excellent, and they can be great tools for every writer out there.


SurferSEO is a writer’s platform built to help you research, write, optimize and audit your content. In other words, it can help you build a bullet-proof SEO strategy to boost your organic traffic. SurferSEO can be an excellent tool for every writer who wants to learn more about SEO content. By offering step-by-step tasks, you will learn how to transform your writing.
Some of the most popular features offered by one of the best tools for content writing are Google Search Console, personalized batches of tasks, content editor, and post-publishing optimization. Moreover, the software can help you automate your SEO efforts and help you.

Organization Tools

Last but not least are the organization platforms that can also offer you copywriting help. Every writer requires a good project management platform to guide them through their work days. The more creative it is, the better. Writers thrive on inspiration, so the best organization tools for them will be able to do exactly that – inspire them to be creative. Here are the best ones for that
purpose based on our experience.

tools that help organize your workflow and collaboration between teams


Trello is one of the most powerful project management platforms. Regardless of whether you work as a writer, editor, or team leader, Trello can help you create the best workflow for you and your team. It has some of the best features for organization and collaboration, tools for content ideas, and allows real-time updates and communication. The best part? It has a fully-functional
free version.
As a writer, you can seamlessly track all your tasks, assign deadlines, and collaborate with your teammates. You can also fully customize your boards to make them fit your work style. On the other hand, you can organize your work time a lot better with color-coded labels and automation. Lastly, the UI is pretty intuitive and you can use it either on a desktop or mobile.

Air Table

Air Table combines two of the most important tools in one – database and online collaboration tools. That is why we feel that it can be among the best tools for copywriters too. Air Table enables all teams to build connected apps, regardless of their industry. For writers, Air Table is often requested by their clients. They can use it to share data and help their company build an app that connects and benefits all.
Air Table can turn your data into one centralized source. It can create different videos of information and speed up your work with powerful automation. The software also enables you to build and share custom interfaces. It even offers safe scaling with enterprise-grade features.
Lastly, Air Table offers many integrations that empower your writing process and collaboration.

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