Must-Visit iGaming Events, Summits, and Conferences in 2024

The iGaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It’s growing at such a fast rate that it’s almost impossible to keep up to date with all the new changes and trends. Furthermore, networking is almost as difficult as staying on top of all the news. Luckily, everyone is well aware of this issue – especially the biggest brands in the industry. 

There is no shortage of iGaming events, conferences, and summits for 2024. But are they all worth the visit? Of course not. To help you decide which events are most suitable for you? We made this list of the leading must-visit events in the next twelve months.

best igaming events


SIGMA is one of the most known and trusted gambling authorities globally. That is why their iGaming summits are among the most popular in the industry. SIGMA holds annual summits on every continent and takes the lead in sharing the latest information, data, and analysis. They are also great at organizing parties. With a knowledgeable group of professionals, innovators, and stakeholders, the SIGMA summit is a must-visit for everyone who works in the gambling industry.

All SIGMA iGaming summits will cover everything you need to know about the following industry segments:

  • Affiliates
  • Charitable Gaming
  • eSports
  • Tribal
  • Casino Operators
  • Horse Racing
  • Investors Groups
  • Lotteries
  • Online Gaming
  • Publishers
  • Responsible Gaming
  • Sport Franchises
  • Commercial Casino Operators
  • Visual Sports

And while they all have the same goal, every summit has something unique to offer. In short, here is everything you need to know about all the upcoming SIGMA summits for 2024.

iGaming events

Our founder Milena as guest-speaker at Sigma in Belgrade 2022.

SIGMA Eurasia (25 – 27 February 2024)

SIGMA will bring unique networking opportunities in Dubai, UAE. The Eurasia iGaming summit will be event-rich, including the Startup Village, three conference stages, three startup pitches, world-class gala awards, and an unforgettable closing party. As always, you can expect to benefit from many potential partnerships with top-tier investors, affiliates, suppliers, startup projects, and operators.

SIGMA Africa (11 – 13 March 2024)

This year, SIGMA will move from Nairobi to Cape Town. The African market is one of the fastest-growing in iGaming, and the SIGMA Group wants to help some of the brightest minds in the industry to take advantage of this exciting new era. With over 150 speakers, 2.5K delegates, 650 operators, and 100 affiliates, the SIGMA Africa event is expected to push the limit and inspire all attendees that anything is possible.

SIGMA Americas (23 – 25 April 2024)

Undoubtedly, Latin America is one of the leading regions for success in the iGaming industry. With the incredible growth in the last few years, Latin America may surpass all potential predictions. This year, on the 23rd of April, SIGMA Americas is traveling to São Paulo, Brazil, and promising one of the most significant events up to this date. This event is a must for all suppliers, operators, and affiliates who want to pave their way to success.

SIGMA Asia (03 – 05 June 2024)

The next SIGMA iGaming summit is opening up in Manila, The Philippines, and it will last from the 3rd to the 5th of June. With many planned activities, events, and hangouts, there won’t be a dull moment during this summit. The SMX Convention Center in Pasay, Manila, will overflow with hundreds of exhibitors. The best part? There will be many side events such as iGathering Dinners, Awards, Pitch Sessions, and more that will help you learn more, network, and have a great time.

SIGMA East Europe (02 – 04 September 2024)

Sigma East Europe will be held for the first time in 2024. The event will happen in Budapest and open the doors for many operators looking to connect with some of the top affiliates. In fact, 100 affiliates are scheduled to fly to Budapest on an all-inclusive treat. Moreover, there will be leading speakers worldwide, sharing their stories and inspiring all attendees.

SIGMA Europe (11 – 14 November 2024)

SIGMA returns to its humble beginnings on the 11th of November in Malta. This summit is best known for boosting the country’s economic activity and helping it grow by creating new jobs, retail and leisure activities, and tourist spots. Many known faces can be seen among the speakers during the Malta iGaming event, among which are the prime minister and minister for the economy and industry of Malta.

As you can see, SIGMA has a lot to offer for everyone in the iGaming industry. That said, alongside SIGMA, all summits will also feature AGS and AIBC, where you can get a chance to learn more about the affiliate business, as well as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

iGaming NEXT

iGaming NEXT was founded for one purpose: to help connect and push the iGaming industry forward. The company’s creators believe this can be easily achieved by promoting thought leadership and knowledge sharing. With this in mind, the iGaming NEXT summit was created. What can you expect from them? Keep on reading.

iGaming NEXT: New York (06 – 07 March 2024)

North America’s most anticipated iGaming and sports betting summit will return to New York City on March 6th, 2024. This must-visit iGaming event is among the best choices for professionals and investors looking for engaging events, as well as staying up to date with all the latest news and insights in the industry. From the best strategies and investments to discovering the newest trends such as NFTs, blockchain, and the metaverse – there will be a little something for everyone.

iGaming NEXT: Valletta (22 – 23 May 2024)

After completing the New York summit, iGaming NEXT will move to Valletta, Malta – the gambling industry’s center. As you already know, there will be plenty of topics to discuss and many lessons to learn from some of the most experienced people in the industry. That said, this iGaming event is one of the best places for high-level networking, especially for those just starting their iGaming career.


iGB L!VE is all about celebrating the gaming community. From suppliers and operators to affiliates, this show aims to help you connect with the right people and help you upgrade your iGaming business to the next level. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to learn how to access new traffic, market, and verticals, as well as gain new skills to lead your iGaming business better.

iGB Affiliate London (06 – 09 February 2024)

The next iGB Affiliate event is returning to ExCel, London, in 2024. This event is among the best iGaming affiliate conferences. It opens the door to many potential collaborations by connecting affiliates with sponsors. It also allows both sides to network and learn some of the newest and upcoming trends and news.

A word or two on how to become a casino affiliate.

iGB L!VE! (16 – 19 July 2024)

This year’s iGaming conference, run by iGB L!VE will be held at the RAI Amsterdam. Depending on your iGaming industry role, you can enter the B2B or the affiliate zone. As part of the B2B zone, you will have an opportunity to connect, brainstorm and celebrate with some of the leading suppliers in the industry. On the other hand, the affiliate zone is meant for everyone looking to promote their affiliate business, connect with potential new affiliate managers, and learn the latest tips and tricks to grow your company.


SBC is known for organizing some of the most significant international gaming, betting, and sports events. It is also one of the best places to learn more about the rise of the iGambling and sports betting industries in certain emerging territories outside the US, such as Georgia and Latin America. Here are the upcoming SBC summits for 2024 and what they will cover.

SBC Summit Tbilisi (25 – 26 June 2024)

The SBC Summit Tbilisi may not be as big as the one in Barcelona, but that doesn’t make it less critical. In fact, if you work in Georgia or its surrounding regions, the iGaming summit in Tbilisi is a must-visit. That is a rare chance to learn everything there is to know about the emerging iGaming and sports betting communities in Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Uzbekistan. Over 1,000 professionals will share their insights and help you learn the newest data for better future business decisions. 

SBC Summit 2024 (24 – 26 September 2024)

Formerly known as the SBC Summit Barcelona, the SBC Summit conference and exihibition is now upgraded and has a new location. Placed in Fiera Internacional de Lisboa, a massive convention center in Lisbon, Portugal the event opens on the 24th of September. It includes massive gatherings, conferences, and exhibitions with over 25,000 industry professionals. It’s safe to say that the summits organized by SBC are among the best to visit if you work in the sports betting and iGaming industries. 

Many topics will be covered during the 2024 SBC Summit, but the most important ones are the following:

  • The Sports Betting 
  • Casino and iGaming
  • Payments and Compliance
  • Affiliate 
  • Marketing and Media
  • Emerging Tech, Blockchain, and Metaverse

They all get their own conference stage, exhibition floor, and networking areas to make it easier for the visitors to find exactly what they need.

SBC Summit Latinoamérica (29 October – 31 October 2024)

The SBC Summit Latinoamérica will be similar in size to Tbilisi, and as crucial for everyone working in Latin America’s gambling and sports betting industry. This iGaming event will shed light on some of the most critical data that concern  Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and the surrounding gambling communities.


EGR stands out from the rest by hosting invitation-only iGaming conferences. While anyone can apply, only a select few will receive their invite. The unique summits are one of the best places for already established iGaming brands to meet, network, and talk about the latest news and trends in the industry.

EGR US Power Summit (11 – 12 September 2024)

The EGR US Power Summit is one of the most known invitation-only events in the iGaming industry. It is also the best iGaming summit professionals must visit at least once. This year, the renowned event returns with many unique opportunities for the leaders in the industry to meet, discuss and debate some of the most important topics in the iGaming community. At the time of writing, this iGaming summit has yet to launch. We already know the dates, but nothing else.

EGR London Summit 2024 (23 October 2024)

With a motto to build a safer gambling industry, the EGR London Summit will be about staying ahead of the changes in responsible gaming. Many leading online gaming operators, startups, regulators, affiliates, and more will meet to talk about the safest gambling strategies and the latest regulations and changes. At the time of writing, this iGaming summit has yet to launch. All we know for now is that it will take place on October 23th and that it will be open to a select group of invited quests.

EGR Power Latam Rio Summit (26 – 27 November 2024)

The last exclusive EGR event for the top-tier brands in the iGaming industry is the Power Latam Rio Summit, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro. As always, while anyone can apply to attend, but only a few can receive the invitation. Do you have a chance to be invited? Yes. As long as you have an established online gambling company that operates (or plans to start operating) in Latin America, you have a high chance of receiving an invitation.

Other Notable Mentions

We already covered the most significant upcoming events in the iGaming industry. That said, there are a few smaller events that you should also look into. 

  • Casino Marketing & Technology Conference Reno (16 – 18 July 2024) – An excellent opportunity for marketers to find the latest agencies, technology, and continuity suppliers.
  • iGaming Club Conference Malaga (26 – 27 July 2024) – An iGaming event that brings together affiliates, operators, and B2B providers. The goal is to create genuine iGaming connections and exchange ideas. 
  • Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association Conference Tulsa (12 – 14 August 2024) – Known as the biggest little show in Indian Gaming, the fun and informative conference brings some of the most known names in the gaming industry. 
  • Global Gaming Expo Las Vegas (7 – 10 October 2024) – The iGaming Expo is one of the best places to join the global gaming community and discuss the future of gaming. 
  • European Gaming Congress Netherlands (23 – 24 October 2024) – The European Gaming Congress will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands and will focus on the latest updates on gambling compliance.
  • iGaming Crossroads Summit Tbilisi (3 – 4 December 2024) – Get ready for the second annual iGaming Crossroads Summit that will be held in Tbilisi. The main topic of discussion during this summit will be unveling the secrets behind George’s thriving online gambling world.

Why is it Important to Visit These Events?

Visiting an iGaming expo, event, conference, or summit has many benefits. But the most crucial reason to see them is networking. Meeting the industry leaders and those who are up and coming can completely change your way of thinking. You can learn new ways to run your business, and you will meet friends along the way. On the other hand, these events can help you easily stay one step ahead of all news and future trends in the industry.

For operators

As an operator, you can seamlessly stay up to date with all the latest news and changes in the industry by visiting any of the leading iGaming conferences. You can also learn potential new trends ahead of time, discover new ideas for leading your gambling activities, and grow your network in the process. Lastly, you can easily connect with new affiliates with the same “voice” as your brand.

For iGaming businesses

Running an iGaming business is a challenging job, but there is a way to make things run smoother. If you can choose just one iGaming event to visit this year, you will understand its value within a few minutes. Afterward, you will see as many as you can. It’s very easy to network during these events, so you will meet a plethora of like-minded business owners who can help you grow your business. Whether or not they open your mind to a fresh new perspective or start a collaboration with you, they will undoubtedly help you run your business better and wiser.

For iGaming affiliates

With so many iGaming affiliates out there, it isn’t easy to stand out from the rest. And that’s exactly what you can achieve by visiting one of these iGaming affiliate conferences. Since most operators and iGaming business owners are there to network and discover new ways to grow their companies, it’s easy to reach them and pitch your ideas. You can also meet many other affiliates who can help you broaden your perspectives and teach you valuable lessons.

For iGaming professionals

Last but certainly not least, all iGaming professionals can benefit from these events. Regardless of your job in the industry, you can network, learn something new, or even find a job with better pay. There are no limits when it comes to a well-built iGaming event.

Tips and Tricks for Planning and Preparing for iGaming Events

Have you already bought tickets for your favorite event? That’s great! In order to ensure that your journey will run smoothly and seamlessly, follow our short and simple step-by-step guide for planning your visit.

iGaming events

1. Save the date

As soon as you buy your ticket for the upcoming iGaming summit, ensure that you save the date. Since you probably have to wait for a few weeks or months, you can easily forget the date and schedule something else instead.

2. Book a hotel

Be sure to book a hotel before the last minute. Since most of these conferences are in big cities, chances are that there won’t be anything available in the days before you have to travel. We advise booking a hotel as soon as you have the tickets to ensure you won’t stay without a bed for the night.

3. Ensure your means of transport

How will you be traveling to the iGaming event? By car, train, boat, airplane? If you are driving, then there isn’t much to worry about. On the other hand, if you need to buy a ticket, the same rule applies to the hotel room. Buy a transportation ticket as soon as you book the hotel so that you have ease of mind while you wait for the travel date.

4. Set your expectations straight

There is no doubt that these events are overwhelming. Many who visit them, especially those who are there for the first time, go with high expectations. This mindset may lead to disappointment. That is why we highly recommend that you set your expectations straight. While you should definitely expect a lot from an iGaming conference of this size, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can take a lot home from this experience but don’t expect it to completely change your life and business. At least not after a single visit.

5. All iGaming events are busy, so book meetings and activities in advance

Keep in mind that some events may have limited seats. If you want to see a particular speaker, visit a specific workshop, or join a unique activity, it’s best if you reserve your seat ahead of time. You should also ensure that the activities you book do not overlap. These iGaming summits are massive, and chances are that there will be overlapping events. Set your priorities and stick to them.

6. Prepare yourself for crowds, noise, and fun times

There isn’t such a thing as a small iGaming event. Some have hundreds of people. Others have tens of thousands in one place. That is why you should, without a doubt, prepare yourself for loud noise and big crowds. The best part? There are many side events, dinners, and afterparties during these events, so there will be plenty of fun things to do.

7. Leave space in your luggage for merch

Regardless of the event you choose to visit, there will be merch. There will be so much merch that chances are you will need another suitcase just to fit everything in. Joke aside, do not overpack for just a few days. Most of these iGaming events come with so many meetings, activities, and hangouts that you will be busy from dusk to dawn. Moreover, they offer everything you may need during the day, so there is no need to bring a lot of luggage.

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