iGaming Company Profile: MuchBetter Wallet and General Company Insights + 7 Powerful Facts to Know

MuchBetter is synonymous with security and fast processing. All payments with it are efficient, and that is one of the reasons why it is a commonly used option in iGaming. The more you know about the MuchBetter wallet, the easier it is to decide whether you should use it. That’s exactly what this guide is all about.

Much Better Casino

Must-Know Stats and Facts about MuchBetter

As a leading payment solution in the online world, the MuchBetter wallet’s rise to the top has been short but very explosive. The company managed to revolutionize the way people look at Internet transactions. That includes deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. Here are a few interesting and must-know stats and facts about this payment solution.

  1. MuchBetter was founded in 2017 and became a global brand within a few years.
  2. Licensed and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.
  3. PCI DSS Level 1 v4 certified – Highest compliance certificate for payment card data security.
  4. All P2P transfers with MuchBetter are not subject to any fees.
  5. The world’s most popular currencies (USD, EUR, GBP) are accepted by MuchBetter.
  6. Many online casinos, especially those in the EU and EEA areas, accept the MuchBetter wallet as a payment method.
  7. Certain users can apply for a MuchBetter MasterCard debit card.

MuchBetter Market Reach

Even though the MuchBetter payment provider started offering its services in 2017, this company’s expansion is dynamic and never-ending. When it started, MuchBetter’s focus was on Europe. That is why users from countries such as the UK, Germany, Belarus, Estonia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Greece gained instant access.

Shortly after, it expanded to South America as it became available in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Ecuador. As of right now, the MuchBetter wallet operates in over 150 countries, but it has a few restricted jurisdictions.

As such, it does not offer its services in Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Yemen, Myanmar, Eritrea, North Korea, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, Niger, the United States of America, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Somalia, Vanuatu, Sudan and Crimea.

When it comes to making payments globally, this payment provider deals with numerous currencies. The US dollar, the British pound, the euro, and the Canadian dollar are among the most commonly used. Users can easily convert currencies in the MuchBetter e-wallet with low fees.

MuchBetter Awards

The MuchBetter company profile includes several awards. They are a testament to the hard work, dedication and success that they had over the years. As the list below is about to show, the awards include recognitions from various industries. Some of them are from various iGaming ceremonies. 

  • 2021 Financial Services Forum Awards for Innovation: Best Innovation in Payments.
  • 2020 EGR B2B Awards: Innovation in Payments Solution.
  • 2020  SBC Awards: Payment Solution of the Year.
  • 2022 FSTech Awards: Anti-Fraud Solution of the Year.
  • 2021 Emerging Payments Awards: Best B2C Payments Platform.

Main MuchBetter Products

The MuchBetter wallet is this payment provider’s main product. Clients use it to store funds, send and receive money, as well as convert currencies. Yes, other e-wallets such as Neteller might offer clients the same services, but the company has other products that make it a unique provider.

MuchBetter Gateway

MuchBetter Gateway is a self-service back office by the MuchBetter wallet. It allows businesses to take full control of their payments. The integration is seamless. Companies that use it have an easy time tracking transactions. It also helps them maximize security as it has fraud prevention tools and surveillance capabilities.

Coming Soon – MuchBetter Wearables

As one of the most innovative payment companies, MuchBetter always wants to go the extra mile. The  MuchBetter app is one good example. But the company’s Wearables project is something to behold.

The main idea behind MuchBetter wearables is to create everyday wearable devices. These would allow users to make contactless payments. The project is still in its early development. It involves the development and usage of devices such as the STISS Augmented Watch, AdornPay, and contactless keyrings.

MuchBetter MasterCard

When people ask what is MuchBetter, experts will always say that this is an e-wallet. And there’s no denying that statement. However, this company goes a step further for its clients. Hence, users within the EEA can use it with ease.

Applying for the prepaid MasterCard debit card is simple. There are no additional costs or fees. Clients can use it within the EEA zone (except Norway). However, an important thing about it is that you cannot use it as a deposit and withdrawal method at MuchBetter online casino sites.

MuchBetter Wallet

Finally, we have the MuchBetter wallet, which is the center of services for this provider. It is fully optimized for secure online transactions, one of which is deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. These payments are usually instant, and MuchBetter itself does not charge any fees.

The wallet is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. You can also use it as a MuchBetter crypto wallet and purchase these digital currencies with ultimate security.

Rewards Programme

One bonus product that is worth noting is the MuchBetter rewards program. The program revolves around collecting MB Coins. For every top-up of 10 in the client’s native currency, they receive 1 MB. 

When you reach a total of 100 MBs in the MuchBetter wallet, you can convert them to cash. The exchange rate is 100:1, meaning that when you exchange 100 MBs, you receive one in your native currency. This loyalty club also features the multiplier wheel. It allows you to multiply the amount of coins you earn in limited periods.

MuchBetter Partnerships

As a global payments solution provider, the MuchBetter wallet is always focused on expanding its influence. The company has numerous partnerships with organizations and individuals, some of which involve sponsorships and ambassador deals.

Crosby Cricket Club

The Crosby Cricket Club is an Isle of Man cricket team that was established in 1946 by a group of people who wanted to do more than just play football. These days, the club participates in dozens of matches from May to September each year, and MuchBetter wallet is proud to have its back.

The Big Splash Art Trail

Hospice Isle of Man is a caring establishment for terminal or life-limiting patients. MuchBetter shows its support by sponsoring The Big Splash Art Trail, which is an event that takes place at Hospice Isle of Man. During this event, the charitable initiative pops up with various dolphin sculptures. MuchBetter has its dolphin, which was designed by Jenny Leonard.

Real Betis

Because there are countless legit MuchBetter betting sites, it is no wonder that the provider is in the world of sports. The partnership between Real Betis and MuchBetter is the product of the Wearables project. Real Betis fans will be able to use the Real Betis fob to make contactless payments at the club’s stadium and on a day-to-day basis.

Felix Schneiders

Moving on, Felix Schneiders is a professional poker player and coach. He is one of the ambassadors of the MuchBetter wallet. As a veteran within the industry, he considers this payment solution as the best when it comes to playing casino games.

Jed Etchells

The world of extreme sports features Jed Etchells, a European Enduro Champion. He started participating in motocross races when he was five, and since then, he has represented the UK countless times. MuchBetter wallet is dedicated to supporting him in this journey and having him as its ambassador.

Max Ingham

Born in the Isle of Man, Max Ingham is a professional racer who started competing in moto circuit races in 2020. MuchBetter is one of his biggest supporters and constantly helps him on his journey to becoming the best.

How does MuchBetter wallet work?

The Importance of MuchBetter Wallet in the iGaming Industry

The number of MuchBetter gambling sites is expanding every minute. This payment method is no doubt of major importance for the iGaming industry, and there are a couple of reasons why.

First up, many online casinos do not consider e-wallets eligible for claiming promotions. MuchBetter is an e-wallet, but a majority of gambling platforms will allow you to claim a welcome offer or any other promo with a MuchBetter deposit.

Secondly, the provider itself puts a major emphasis on security. So, whenever you make payments, you can rest assured, knowing that no sensitive details are in harm’s way. Plus, the MuchBetter wallet itself does not require you to connect it to a credit or debit card. When signing up, all you need to provide it with is your phone number.

Thirdly, every MuchBetter withdrawal is processed quickly. In most cases, you will enjoy instant or same-day payouts. That is not the case with other options, such as credit and debit cards. These methods usually have a processing period of 3-7 business days.

Finally, the MuchBetter wallet itself does not charge fees for online transactions. This is a major advantage over other e-wallets like Skrill. When making online transactions with Skrill, the fees can go as high as 5%. It all depends on the market and the type of transaction. MuchBetter’s fees include currency conversion only (0.99%).

To sum it all up, the MuchBetter wallet is important for the iGaming industry because it is player-orientated. It provides gamers with ultimate security and efficiency. It does not charge them fees for that experience. Its advantages are the reason why it is popular within the iGaming industry. That is why it has a major importance in it.

MuchBetter Products for Players

Players who enjoy the services of online casinos that accept MuchBetter will enjoy the numerous advantages of this payment provider. The first one is fast deposits and withdrawals. Even though all deposits are instant at online casinos, withdrawals are a bit tricky and can have a long processing period. That is not the case with MuchBetter, though.

Because it is fully optimized for online use, all MuchBetter wallet cashouts are processed in less than 24 hours. Topping up the MuchBetter account is as simple as ABCs, and security is always on point.

MuchBetter Products for Operators

Muchbetter casinos UK will reap several benefits because integrating this solution is very easy. To add to that, Gateway will allow them to track and analyze payments most efficiently. Adding MuchBetter to their list will attract new players to the platform. It’ll also turn the ones that are already registered into loyal customers. Thanks to the advanced tools that MuchBetter uses for AML and fraud, casinos will not have to worry about security.

It’s noticeable that the product has, for the time being, found its place in the real money gambling realm. It still has to grasp the opportunities at sweepstakes casinos, where options like credit cards and crypto dominate.

MuchBetter Products for iGaming Professionals

Professionals in the iGaming industry include everything from pro players to affiliate writers. They are always searching for the most efficient way to test real money games and promotions. That is exactly what MuchBetter gambling platforms offer them. The fast payments allow them to be efficient in their work and provide readers with insights promptly.

What to Expect in the Future from MuchBetter

The future is hard to predict. Everything these days is dynamic and subject to radical changes daily. That is why it is impossible to determine what the coming days for MuchBetter will look like.

Of course, there is room for speculation. If there’s one thing that everyone can expect is an increase in the regulated Muchbetter countries. At the moment, the list of restricted jurisdictions features around 20 nations. Since the list is very small, the payment provider might work to become greenlit for everyone around the world.

The MasterCard prepaid card is also a huge advantage for the MuchBetter wallet. At the moment, players cannot use it to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. However, since it offers major security, MuchBetter might work to turn the tide.

Last but not least, an expansion of the number of casinos that accept payments with the MuchBetter wallet is almost certain. After all, MuchBetter’s market continues to grow, and logically, the players that use it will rise. As a result, casino sites will want to attract more clients to their pages, and integrating MuchBetter is one of the best ways to do so.

MuchBetter Versus Competitors

A good way to conclude this MuchBetter wallet review is to compare it to other similar payment methods. After all, there might come a time when players are unable to use MuchBetter for some reason.

This is when they will have to resort to alternatives. Some of those alternatives are shown below. The question is, how well do they rank against the MuchBetter wallet?

MuchBetter vs Skrill

First up, we have Skrill, a digital wallet, just like the MuchBetter wallet. The biggest advantage that Skrill boasts is the fact that it is a far more popular payment method. As such, more online casinos feature it. In terms of security and efficiency, they are leveled.

Skrill and MuchBetter will provide players with instant deposits and instant or same-day payouts. Both methods are regulated by financial authorities. So, is Skrill legit? Yes. Is MuchBetter legit? Yes, as well.

There are some areas where Skrill is inferior, though. For starters, in many countries, Skrill charges fees for transactions. There’s a flat fee of around $5 for any withdrawals. A 3% fee for Skrill to Skrill transfers also applies. The MuchBetter wallet does not charge any of these fees. To add to that, Skrill is often considered ineligible for claiming casino promotions.

MuchBetter vs Debit Cards

When it comes to the acceptance rate at online casinos, there are hardly any methods that surpass debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, etc.). They are featured at pretty much every online casino. The best part about them is that they are never subject to extra fees.

There’s one area where they are not that good, though. Even though they are very secure, withdrawals with debit cards are not as efficient as one might think. It can take up to 7 business days for a casino to process a withdrawal request.

So, if you’re asking yourself questions like “Where can I use MuchBetter?” the answer is that you can use it on many platforms. However, there are not as many as those that accept debit cards. The cost of the better acceptance rate is slower withdrawals.

MuchBetter vs Revolut

Finally, we have Revolut, an up-and-coming payment method in online casinos. Many experts consider it the next big thing. The reason is that Revolut has fast transactions. It can also generate one-time virtual cards. That way, it protects your details and keeps security at the highest level.

Now, when compared, even though players do not have a MuchBetter virtual card, it prevails in other areas. Payouts with MuchBetter are usually faster, and the acceptance rate is higher. Additionally, apart from using the MuchBetter wallet. Hence, you can also reap the benefits of its MasterCard prepaid card.

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